Challenge 2: Shedding Light

UPDATE 2017/08/16: This cipher was solved by Bill Briere, approximately ten minutes after I posted it! The challenge is now closed, but feel free to discuss in the comments. View the solution here.

Here’s Challenge #2 for August 16, 2017.


The encoding technique is extremely simple. Dating back to ancient Rome, it will be the easiest cipher challenge I’ll EVER post on Code A Week.

Given the events of the past week, I felt the plaintext should be a quote from an American civil rights patriot.

The ciphertext is:


With, I hope to release one cipher, puzzle, or mystery every Wednesday evening. Anyone can attempt to solve. The winner is the first person to send a correct solution and a description of the solve method to Once a correct solution is e-mailed, I will publish a follow-up post, congratulating the winner and revealing the secrets of the code. At this stage in the game, there are no prizes except the thrill of the solve.

You may post questions or theories in the comments, but DO NOT POST SOLUTIONS. E-mail them to

Too easy? Try your hand at Challenge #1: The Expert’s Curse.


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