Origin Story


I’m a Nashville, TN based writer, musician, and maker who is enthralled by secret codes. I caught the crypto bug when I interviewed Elonka Dunin for a Here & Now radio story about her quest to solve Jim Sanborn’s C.I.A. headquarters sculpture Kryptos. Kryptos led me to Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt, Simon Singh’s The Code Book, and a world of cryptography.

While attempting to solve the fourth section of Kryptos (unsuccessfully, of course), I came up with various theories, some of which felt novel. I soon realized that coming up with ways to hide information was fun! My aim for this website is to release a new cipher once a week, using a different method for each. Some will be easy (hopefully). Some will be hard. Some will employ classic techniques. Others will employ original techniques.

I will begin with a puzzle called “The Expert’s Curse,” to be released on Wednesday, August 9th, around 7:30pm Central Time. At this stage in the game, there are no prizes except the thrill of the solve and a winner announcement on this site.┬áTo submit a solution, send an e-mail to with the solve and how you solved it.

Tune in tomorrow for the first cipher, and happy hunting.