Challenge 11: The Right Type

Update 2017-11-09: We have a winner! Puzzling.Stackexchange user Kayzeroshort solved the puzzle today. It took him 12 days, which means he is awarded 12 points on the Leaderboard. View the solution here.

Here’s Challenge #11 for October 27, 2017.

Today’s cipher is a method I created based on a known method, although it is likely that someone else thought of it before me. Here’s the ciphertext:


I’ll give you three clues:

    1. The method is a spinoff of the famous method used to encode Challenge 10.
    2. The punctuation in the ciphertext encodes letters in the plaintext. (There is no punctuation in the solution.)
    3. The following text is not a deciphering tool but a clue that will point you in the right direction. What came after this?
      3 5 7 9 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
      2 4 6 8 . A B C D E F G H I J K L M

New hint! (Updated 2011/11/08): The solve method lies at your fingertips.

With, I hope to release one cipher, puzzle, or mystery each week. Anyone can attempt to solve. The winner is the first person to send a correct solution and a description of the solve method to Once a correct solution is e-mailed, I will publish a follow-up post, congratulating the winner and revealing the secrets of the code.

You may post questions or theories in the comments, but DO NOT POST SOLUTIONS. E-mail them to

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