Challenge 9: The Collection

Update 2017-10-21: We have a winner! Stackexchange user Eedrah solved the puzzle today. It took him 13 days, which means he is awarded 13 points on the Leaderboard.

Here’s Challenge #9 for October 7, 2017.


My great uncle from Atlanta died last month, and my family drove there to attend the funeral and prepare his house for an estate sale.

When I was cleaning his office, I found a strange note.  I’ve stared at it for hours, and I just can’t figure out what it means. Maybe you can help. I am attaching a copy at actual size. I added a 1″ mark on the side, so if you print it, you can make sure it’s properly sized.

The note wasn’t the only strange thing in his office. Every square inch was filled with Coca Cola memorabilia — posters, newspaper ads, toys, and unopened bottles.  By far his largest collection was of 12 oz. Coke cans from different eras. There must have been hundreds!  And apparently when he wrote the note, he was thirsty. Right beside it was a Coke can, the only empty one in the room.

Other than the Coke memorabilia, the room looked like a typical office. On his desk were pencils, a spiral notebook, a cloth tape measure, Scotch tape, and a pair of scissors, though I doubt most of this has anything to do with the note.

Maybe it’s all just gibberish, or maybe there’s more than meets the eye. Can you help me solve the mystery?

With, I hope to release one cipher, puzzle, or mystery every week. Anyone can attempt to solve. The winner is the first person to send a correct solution and a description of the solve method to Once a correct solution is e-mailed, I will publish a follow-up post, congratulating the winner and revealing the secrets of the code.

You may post questions or theories in the comments, but DO NOT POST SOLUTIONS. E-mail them to

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